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The Data Science Jobs have moved. The new path forward.

Oh, the changes.  When I first started developing courses in data science -- all of three years ago -- it was a pretty straightforward task.  You take Drew Conway's data science diagram and essentially write a curriculum that matches.     In 2018, at a well respected bootcamp, me and my team developed a curriculum that looked like the following: 1. Coding: Python and SQL 2. Math Foundations: Statistics and Linear Algebra 3. Machine Learning Algorithms (Linear & Logistic Regression, CART, Clustering, NLP) Within two months of graduating, 9 of 11 students got jobs, and looking at their linkedin profiles years later, they're doing quite well. "Yea, that's just the bare minimum now." I heard this on a call with a BCG data scientist a couple of months ago.  And echos of it on multiple other calls.  At this point, I'm a firm believer.  Here's why. 1. The Data Science Market is Flooded with Applicants I probably don't need to tell you this, but the entry